Important Message

July 2020: New EU vs ROW Reporting Functionality

You can now easily report on your usage by zones by using the new EU vs Rest of the World report that we've developed in Mobile Manager.

You can access this new report from the Reports tab. From there select 'Where' and then 'Call Destination'.  Select 'Roaming' and then click 'View Details' (folder icon). You will then see your monthly usage split by tariff zones in a handy report that makes it simple to work out EU vs Rest of the World usage. You can also drill further into each zone for further reporting information.

Did you know you can also do all the following online on Mobile Manager without the need to pick up the phone or email us?

o Update phone labels and users in real time
o Switch services such as roaming, premium rate content, international direct dialling on or off in real time for any mobile phone
o Complete SIM swaps in real time
o PAC and STAC requests
o Look up statuses for each phone including services, bundles and PUK codes
o Make changes to multiple phones at once
o Organise mobile phones into a departmental structure to fit your organisation
o Buy phones, tablets and accessories online including sim cards, cases and chargers

For further information contact your Top Level Administrator on Mobile Manager.

If you are a Top Level Administrator and wish to have these services enabled on Mobile Manager please contact your Account Manager or email us on