Important Message

Great news –  we can now offer authorised users the ability to carry out SIM swaps, make service changes, and retrieve a PUK code through Mobile Manager.

To have these features added you just need to call 07973 100349 or email the Mobile Manager team (

Once the features are added, authorised users can make real-time service changes including:

o Add/Remove Roaming;
o Add/Remove IDD (International calling);
o Enable/Disable Premium Call Bar;
o Enable/Disable Answerphone/Voicemail;
o Enable/Disable SMS
o Switch Adult content to on/off or moderate
o Fully bar a Device;
o Bar a Device for outgoing calls only.

Please note, the ability to update usernames in real time has already been made available for users with admin access.

Once added the new features in the Admin section will appear under two new options: ‘Manage Services’ and ‘Manage SIMs’.

Updated Terms and Conditions can be found at the bottom of this page.

Please see the help and support section within Mobile Manager for information to guide you around these new features.