Important Message

Last year, we launched new self-service features to Mobile Manager customers on request.

We've now switched on these features for all Top-Level Administrators, so service changes can be made in real-time on Mobile Manager.

The services include:

o Add/Remove Roaming;
o Add/Remove IDD (International calling);
o Enable/Disable Premium Call Bar;
o Enable/Disable Answerphone/Voicemail;
o Enable/Disable SMS
o Switch Adult content to on/off or moderate
o Fully bar a Device;
o Bar a Device for outgoing calls only.

Admins with ‘Top Level’ access will find these new features in the Admin section under 2 new options ‘Manage Services’ and ‘Manage sims’.  

Please see the help and support section for information to guide you around the new features.

Updated terms and conditions can be found in the page footer.